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Typical Monee Twp. PIN 21-14-01-100-001-0000  21 county code not used, 14 county twp.#, 01 section #, 
100 block or 1/4 section #, 001 parcel #, last 4-digits additional identifier when necessary.
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Scroll down to see tax bill estimate.  If the year Current Year Tax Rate displays a zero then the
Prior Year Tax Estimate is used to calculate the Tax Amount. This is a tax estimate because only the 
GH (General Homestead) and GS (General Homestead with Regular Senior exemptions are considered 
in this calculation.  You may be receiving additional exemptions such as the Senior Freeze or a 
Home Improvement.  This estimate is for taxes payable in 2016 based on the 2015 EAV (Equalized 
Assessed Value) and the 2015 Tax Rate if available.  A detailed explanation about tax rates, assessed value, and tax levy can be found on the Additional Information link. By PIN you can also check information on the Will County Web

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