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Property Record Card Side 1 - Displays Parcel Land Data, Assessment Data, and Future Photos 
Property Record Card Side 2 (PRC 2) - Displays Building Data and Building Sketches
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Please let me know if any sketches are missing, not shown clearly, or have incorrect data.  Some new buildings may not be measured yet and not all commercial or industrial parcels are not on-line yet.  Thank you for your cooperation.  To continue select the appropriate link to either a Residential Property Record Card  or a Commercial/Industrial Property.
Additional Information:  All size discrepancies will be field verified.  All calculations are made from outside measurements so the GLA (gross living Area) shown on the PRC may differ slightly from another source for this figure.  Additionally the GLA is computed by summing the individual building style components that make up the structure.  The GLA is calculated with SFGA (Square Feet Ground Area) or building style component footprint components as follows:  1-Story GLA = 1-Sty SFGA, 1.5-Story GLA = 1.5-Sty SFGA x1.75, 2-Story GLA = 2-Sty SFGA x 2, Split Level GLA = Split Lv SFGA plus the lower level under the split level section when finished.  The size of a split level lower level is found in the finished basement field. All structures are measured the same way for residential property because the GLA becomes one of the factors in evaluating assessment uniformity.  Other factors include but are not limited to: condition, location, building style, quality of construction materials, differences in amenities, and additional improvements.